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Jack of all Trade - The Key for Future

Business Development

Business Development is the Jack of all Trade

Business Development is conceptualized as or related to discrete projects, specific modes of growth, and organizational units, activities, and practices. Sorensen integrates these different perspectives with insights from CMDs, senior business developers and venture capitalists from successful high-tech firms from Europe, North America and India into one general construct. In this perspective, business development refers to:

"the tasks and processes concerning analytical preparation of potential growth opportunities, the support and monitoring of the implementation of growth opportunities, but does not include decisions on strategy and implementation of growth opportunities" (Sørensen, 2012, p. 26)

Skill sets and experience for business-development specialists usually consist of a mixture of the following (depending on the business requirements):

  • marketing
  • legal
  • strategy
  • finance
  • proposal management or capture management.
  • sales experience

so it is required at least 4 different Skill with each skill consist a set sub skill like :
- Marketing : Brand, Communications, Mapping, agile project management
- Legal : Knowledge of Substantive Law and Legal Procedure
- Strategy : for Customer, Client, Competitor, Market Behavior, etc.
- Finance : Forecast Sales, Balance Sheet, etc

Creation of long term value
While according to forbes

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.

so business development have many things to-do, to-think about it, and it looks like skilled in many things. 

Jack of all Trade

here comes the terms Jack of all Trade : 

A person who is skilled at a variety of different things, but not to the same level as a person who is specialised in one of these things.

i'm agree with this terms, its better than Master of One.

To add another resources, here is some articles about Trade of all Jack and why all  Business Development should adapt to this change in this future : 


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