Saturday, April 6, 2013

Internet Marketing : Why we need Call To Actions

Call To Action is a terms or words for marketing or business people that contain the message to urge the customer, prospect, reader, listener, or viewer of a sales/marketing campaign to do the action that already set for them. Commonly refers as a CTA. In every commercial or campaign, without the "Call To Actions" it would consider incomplete and ineffective.

Business Development - Call to Actions

In Online or Digital area, it would be a banner, button, or some type of graphics, text, video event colour on a site or blogs meant to prompt a user to click it and continue to the next step of process.

CTAs are a key driver for lead generation. for marketing, it was like an opportunity to capture the leads. imagine if there was no "CTAs" implementing in the commercial or website, how many opportunity or leads that may miss?

"CTAs connect two of the most critical pieces : incoming traffic and marketing opportunities, by converting these visits into leads it would lead to sales for most business."

In order to boost the business, you need to implementing a CTAs, to optimize the marketing efforts for maximum conversion. And how to implementing CTAs? here are a few step for starting :

  • Start by identify the needs your customer,
  • Setup the goal  for them in your site like : "Download, Register, Buy, Purchase, Order Now, Subscribe, Share, Click, Read more, etc"
  • Enhancing the look and feel by design and colour, or by the text.
  • you can combine or use image/video for explanations and call to actions.

here are a few sample for CTAs from Hubspot, download it and learn to optimize the CTAs in your site.


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